4. Website Changes During the Release Cycle

This section describes the changes to the website that should occur as the release cycle progresses.


The files specified throughout this section are relative to the head/ branch of the doc repository in Subversion.

4.1. Website Changes Before the Release Cycle Begins

When the release cycle schedule is available, these files need to be updated to enable various different functionalities on the FreeBSD Project website:

File to EditWhat to Change
share/xml/release.entChange beta.upcoming from IGNORE to INCLUDE
share/xml/release.entChange % beta.upcoming from IGNORE to INCLUDE
share/xml/release.entChange beta.testing from IGNORE to INCLUDE
share/xml/release.entChange % beta.testing from IGNORE to INCLUDE

4.2. Website Changes During BETA or RC

When transitioning from PRERELEASE to BETA, these files need to be updated to enable the "Help Test" block on the download page. All files are relative to head/ in the doc repository:

File to EditWhat to Change
en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/12.0R/schedule.xmlChange % beta.local.where IGNORE to INCLUDE
share/xml/release.entUpdate % betarel.vers to BETA1
share/xml/news.xmlAdd an entry announcing the BETA

Once the releng/12.0/ branch is created, the various release-related documents need to be generated and manually added to the doc/ repository.

Within release/doc, invoke make(1) to generate errata.html, hardware.html, readme.html, and relnotes.html pages, which are then added to doc/head/en_US.ISO8859-1/htdocs/releases/X.YR/, where X.Y represents the major and minor version number of the release.

The fbsd:nokeywords must be set to on on the newly-added files before the pre-commit hooks will allow them to be added to the repository.

4.3. Ports Changes During BETA, RC, and the Final RELEASE

For each build during the release cycle, the MANIFEST files containing the SHA256 of the various distribution sets, such as base.txz, kernel.txz, and so on, are added to the misc/freebsd-release-manifests port. This allows utilities other than bsdinstall(8), such as ports-mgmt/poudriere, to safely use these distribution sets by providing a mechanism through which the checksums can be verified.

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